Sensi Photography Project

“Sensi" is an exploration of some of the taboos and fantasies that are associated with the black male sexuality and masculinity in Western culture.

Since the dawn of western civilisation sexuality has been linked to fantasies of domination. Black Africans entered this new world where sadomasochistic rituals of dominance, power and play were already embedded in the fabric of sexuality. Domination became synonymous with black masculinity and permeated society's perception of it, being reinforced from one generation to the next. This notion of black masculinity has become imbedded in the Western idea of it and has come to influence how black males themselves see their own sexuality and how they express it. 

This culture, fuelled by the mainstream media, has made black male sexuality and the black penis both a curiosity and a taboo. Black males having multiple female partners is perceived and accepted to be the norm. All of these attitudes and ideas fan the flames of sexual fantasies.

Interracial pornography has become increasingly popular among white male viewers. Featuring performers of different racial and ethnic backgrounds, it uses ethnic and racial stereotypes in its depiction of performers. The majority of Interracial movies are black male with white female. 

Cuckolding has become the thinking-man's fetish of choice in modern pornography and race has its place within that. A cursory glance at cuckolding websites will show you the same dynamic repeated over and over again, which is white husband, white wife with African-American man, or 'mandingo' or 'bull' in cuck slang. 

Sensi is an Adult movie performer and an Escort in real life, providing for women and couples exclusively. The scenes in the monograph are reconstructions of moments of his life when he is providing those sexual services. The scenes are reconstructions based not only on his account but also on my own interpretation.

The female performers are women who willingly participated to the project. Half of them are sex workers and the other half have no connection with the sex industry.


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