I am  always on the lookout for picturesque feelings, but sometimes they just come to me  like a pleasant surprise. it’s simply there all of a sudden: that feeling I seeks to convey in my photographs, that need to record man’s relationship to this  environment i perceive hostile. How  can man live and recreate in those surrounding….. arctic plane everywhere

Those imprint I see becomes a meditation on the nature of human life itself, they bears witness to the attempt of  man to tame nature……or possibly the exertion of nature to catch and put an alt to the advance of mankind…surely it will have to return to basic.

As I keep exploring everything become less confusing,  those  brutal sensation of the unknown become  familiar  and things start tacking shape….the unfamiliar has tuned into the boredom of a mundane society.

Then it becomes  evident.  men has had to get the upper hand  over nature primarily for reason that  can’t be visible to the naked eye.


Exhibition and Book Project