Alexis Chabala was born in Zambia. He is the seventh of eight children. His parents were from the Congo. He moved to France when he was 5 years old & then to Morocco at the tender age of 13, only to move again to Belgium at the age of 14. He now resides in London & has done for the past 17 years. Alexis continues to travel worldwide for work whilst retaining close affiliations with Belgium & France. He is fluent in French & English.

Alexis's experiences when growing up were diverse, scary & exciting all at the same time. There were many cultural changes, changing of schools & having to adjust to a whole new way of life each time. Trying to fit in was at times a challenge. It wasn’t always easy, however having such a wide range of opportunity in terms of cultural diversity while adapting has stood him in good stead for many reasons. Alexis is grateful for his varied & unusual upbringing.

Alexis soon realized that school was not one of his strengths in terms of academia. He talks about his lack of concentration when it came to lessons, with the exception of Art & Design of course.

His agenda was to draw as much as he could see, regardless of what subject/class he was in at the time. Teachers did not appreciate this at all!

It was with this obsession that Alexis eventually aspired to photography after realizing at a young age that image could be instant if he took a picture of something he liked. To be able to develop an image & see results immediately was a revelation. It was at this point Alexis new what he wanted… “To be when he grows up”. His path was set!

After studying both Fine Art & Photography in Brussels, he came to London to pursue his career further, working as a Studio Assistant for Metro Imaging Studio. It wasn’t long before he was asked to do his first editorial commission.

Around this time Alexis also developed an interest in moving image after watching many music videos being filmed at the Studio. The whole process fascinated him so that any spare time he had was taken up working in kind at “Arri Media & Panavision”. He relentlessly asked questions, cleaned cameras, taking them apart to understand their workings, read endless manuals on Film & HD in order to learn the skills to produce moving image. 

Alexis is completely self-taught in this respect.

Eventually, Alexis started running his own Photography Rental Studio while working on personal projects. This is where Alexis found himself as a photographer & upped his game. He now works in his own studio in North London and is self sufficient as an independent Photographer.

Alexis applies an elegance feel to everything he does with dignity & integrity, leaving his images with a sense of raw/alive. His laid back approach & non pretentious style allows him to continue producing high end beautiful & classic images, hence why he is still in demand with clients such as Wallpaper, Tatler, Latino Vogue, Muse Magazine, Viewpoint, Men's Health, Luxure Magazine, Burberry,  Clam Magazine, Volt Cafe, Abbey Road Studio’s, amongst others.

Alexis feels his acute observations as a child growing up in many different places, has added to his sense of “see”, individuality & creativity when working in the visual world of both still & moving images. 

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